Instructional Programs and Materials 223

School Nutrition


The Lloydminster Public School Division is committed to promoting, offering and role modeling healthy nutritious foods in its schools. It is our goal to offer and serve healthy and nutritious food in snack and lunch programs, vending machines, canteens, and any other school venue where food is serviced.


  1. The development of a Nutrition Committee for each school is highly encouraged. The Committee should include representatives from the following, but not limited to these: parents, students, school administrators, teachers, and the School Community Council. The Nutrition Committee should meet to review the school nutrition practices at least once a year.
  2. The choice of foods offered, sold and served in our schools, and at any school approved hosted event shall take into consideration the guidelines as outlined in Nourishing Minds: Towards Comprehensive School Community Health, Nutrition Policy Development in Saskatchewan Schools. The majority of foods served must adhere to the guidelines found in Canada’s Food Guide
  3. Schools should adhere to Public Health Food Safety Standards.
  4. Nutritious foods should be competitively priced and appropriately promoted and advertised.
  5. Catering companies and outside vendors are to be notified of, and adhere to the School Nutrition Administrative Procedures.
  6. Monthly Nutrition Information sent to the schools from the Public Health Nutritionist should be shared with students, parents, and staff.
  7. It is acknowledged the importance of staff acting as positive role models by such things as proper hand washing, nutritious eating habits, and using nutritious items as rewards in place of candy or junk food.



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June 2019