Personnel and Employee Relations 434

Support Staff Employee Vacation Leave and Holidays


The Division provides vacation leave according to the requirements of the Employment Act for the Province of Saskatchewan. Vacation leaves are to be granted in accordance with Division procedures and subject to any agreements made by the Board. 

Vacation leaves are to be scheduled at times in keeping with the operational requirements of the Division. 



  1. The Director or designate will consult with supervisory staff in establishing vacation schedules. 
  2. Holiday entitlement in excess of the requirements of the regulations of the Saskatchewan Employment Act can only be granted by resolution of the Board unless otherwise stated in a written contract between the employee and the Board. 
  3. When vacation entitlement is less than three weeks on June 30, the employee may elect to take entitlement with pay plus leave without pay to make up a vacation of three weeks or less. Thereafter, the anniversary date for holidays shall be established as at July 1. 
  4. The Director or designate in cooperation with the supervisory staff may authorize the carry-over of annual vacation leave of six (6) or more days into the fiscal year if extenuating circumstances exist and are deemed sufficient to justify such a request. Employees with six or more days to carry-over must complete form (AP 434 Form “Request for Carry-Over of Annual Vacation Days”).


Notwithstanding item 4, the Human Resources Department may authorize the carry-over of more than one week's annual vacation for members of the executive staff. 

  1. Employees may appeal decisions to the Director or designate; such appeals are to be made in writing. 


Section 85, 87, 108, 109 Education Act 

Saskatchewan Employment Act 

Labour Standards Regulations 25, 26


September 2015