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Pediculosis (Head Lice)


The Division recognizes the concern represented by the transmission of pediculosis in schools and therefore encourages close communication between school staff, parents and public health nurses regarding the detection and resolution of instances of pediculosis. Care will be taken to protect the individual from undue invasion of privacy.


    1. School staffs shall work with public health authorities and School Community Councils to describe and then communicate to parents both preventative and remedial procedures for dealing with instances of pediculosis. 
    2. Children affected with head lice will continue to attend school.  Treatment will be recommended and close head to head contact should be discouraged pending the treatment.
    3. Parents of the classmates of a child with an active head lice infestation should be alerted that an active infestation has been noted, and informed about the diagnosis, misdiagnosis and management of head lice and the lack of risk for serious disease.
    4. If there are ongoing concerns about particular cases not responding or being compliant with therapy, then the Principal shall inform the Public Health Authority of these concerns.
    5. In the event a child’s condition is not treated in a timely manner, the Principal in consultation with the Public Health Authority and parent may not permit the affected child to return to school until they have undergone a course of treatment.
    6. Questions and answers for teachers and the public have been developed and are posted on the Saskatchewan Health website along with the updated Head Lice Fact Sheet at the following link:


Section 85, 87, 108, 109, 175, 188, 190 Education Act


Sept 2011 

December 2017