Personnel and Employee Relations 431

Notice of Vacant Support Staff Positions


From time to time, continuing support staff positions become vacant or are created. The purpose of this administrative procedure is to ensure that such vacancies are brought to the attention of current support staff, so as to enable them to express interest in the vacant position, within the time period advertised in the career posting.


In order to promote the career development of support staff members, as positions become vacant or are newly created, notice of such positions will be circulated to support staff members.


  1. When advertising a vacant continuing support staff position, the division will notify internal staff via an email; it is the responsibility of the employee to view the position posting through this outlet.  The division will determine if the posting should be posted externally at the same time as it is posted internally. The notice will outline the location, nature, and hours associated with the vacant position, and the date by which interest must be expressed.
  2. Staff members, who wish, may express interest in a vacant position by submitting their application via the career application portal on the division website.
  3. All requests for transfers will be duly considered in light of the overall operational requirements of the Division. It should be noted that in light of the need for continuity of assignments of educational assistants to particular students, the provisions of this procedure will not normally be applied to new or vacant educational assistant positions during the school year.
  4. With the approval of the Director or designate, support staff members may be transferred to suitable positions at any time in order to meet the operational requirements of the Division.


Section 85, 87, 108, 109, 116 Education Act


September 2015