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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 530



In order to ensure that the requirements of legislation are met and the Lloydminster Public School Division's interests are protected, the Lloydminster Public School Division provides continuous insurance coverage in accordance with these procedures.


  1. The Chief Financial Officer will obtain adequate insurance for the Lloydminster Public School Division.
  2. The Lloydminster Public School Division will purchase insurance coverage for the following:
    1. Buildings;
    2. Contents;
    3. Liability for individual trustees, staff members, student teachers, interns, and volunteers; all the foregoing while performing authorized duties;
    4. Crime;
    5. Automobile fleet;
    6. Travel accident;
    7. Student accident;
    8. Boiler and machinery;
    9. Errors and omissions;
    10. Sexual molestation and abuse;
    11. Employee bonds; and,
    12. Air quality and mold.
  3. Building insurance shall be secured to provide coverage at full replacement cost.
  4. Contents insurance shall be obtained on an actual cash value basis.
    1. Claims made under the building and contents section of the insurance police resulting from accidents, vandalism, or theft shall be made by the Chief Financial Officer upon receipt of the required information from the Principal.
  5. Travel accident insurance shall be obtained to cover staff members and trustees while traveling on Lloydminster Public School Division business.
  6. Student accident insurance shall be compulsory.  This insurance coverage is applicable while in attendance at school or/and school sponsored activities.
    1. The Chief Financial Officer shall, on an annual basis, distribute to Principals information regarding the student accident insurance policy for the following year.
    2. Principals shall make the student accident insurance information available to students and families.
    3. When a student is injured, the Principal shall inform the student or parent/caregiver of possible insurance coverage. Claims made under the student accident insurance policy shall be completed using the School Incident Report Form for Insurance Purposes (Form 530-1).
  7. A student or group of students traveling to a country outside of Canada as part of a school sponsored activity or trip, shall obtain adequate insurance before approval for the trip or activity is given; such insurance shall be managed by the Principal.
  8. On an annual basis, the Lloydminster Public School Division shall review its insurance coverage and make such arrangements for insurance coverage, as it deems necessary.
  9. The Chief Financial Officer will make available to staff members and others as required information describing the Lloydminster Public School Division’s insurance coverage.

Section 85, 87 Education Act, 1995
Section 38 The School Division Administration Regulations

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