General Administration 140

Responsible Use of Technology and Internet


Students and staff of the Lloydminster Public School Division, have the opportunity to access a secure, equitable networked computer system, including access to the Internet, to promote educational excellence, to increase alternate sources of information, to promote resource sharing, to further innovation in instruction and communication, and to prepare students for their future, while recognizing the need to balance risk and responsible use of technology.

Individual users of the Division's computer network are responsible for their behavior and communications over this network. It is presumed that users will comply with Division standards, administrative procedures and will honor the agreement they have signed.


For the purposes of this Administrative Procedure:

  1. Technology refers to all hardware, software, and network systems of and linked to the Division, including but not limited to still and video cameras, DVD players, phones, communication devices, computer and network systems, printers, scanners, email systems and Internet access.
  2. Lloydminster Public School Division Network includes all hardware, software, data, communication lines and devices, printers, servers, desktop computers, E-mail, the Internet, and local school wired and wireless computer networks in the Division.
  3. User refers to all employees, trustees, contractors, interns, students, and volunteers using Division Network and IT equipment.


  1. All users must read and accept the Responsible Use of Technology and Internet Agreement (Administrative Procedure 140).
    1. The Student Responsible Use of Technology and Internet Agreement (Form 140-1) and the Staff, Trustee, and Community Member Responsible Use of Technology and Internet Agreement (Form 140-2) will be reviewed annually and revised if necessary.
    2. Students and their parent or legal guardian will be required to accept the Responsible Use of Technology and Internet Agreement as well as Form 140-1, at each school of attendance, as part of the registration process.
    3. Students accepted agreements of use (registration form) will be kept on file at the school and acknowledged in the student information system that the agreement has been accepted.
    4. Principals will ensure that students and parents or legal guardians are made aware of AP 140 annually in the September School Newsletter or Social Media.
    5. Staff will be required to accept the Responsible Use of Technology and Internet Agreement as well as Form 140-2, as a condition of employment. All staff are required to verify that they have reviewed the AP annually within the HR Powerschool system.
    6. The Administrative Procedure will undergo periodic revisions as may be deemed necessary. Major revisions to this Administrative Procedure will require updated acceptance on the Responsible Use of Technology and Internet Agreement.
    7. This administrative procedure, as well as applicable forms, will be housed on the Division website.
    8. Failure to accept a Responsible Use of Technology and Internet Agreement in the prescribed form will result in a failure to obtain or loss of access to Division computers and/or the Lloydminster Public School Division Network, internet and information services.
  2. At all times technology must be used in a responsible, ethical and legal manner, appropriate to an educational setting.
    1. Users will not use, create, store and/or distribute any content that may be considered obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, racist, rude, inflammatory or threatening. This includes transmission by any means such as, but not limited to, email, instant messaging (chat), text messaging, and discussion board postings. Restrictions against inappropriate language and images apply to public messages, private messages and material posted on web pages.
    2. Users will not knowingly or recklessly post false or defamatory information about a person or organization.
    3. Users may not plagiarize the works of others, in whole or in part, and must honour all copyright and license agreements.
    4. Users are prohibited from the unauthorized distribution and/or access of copyrighted materials through peer-to-peer file sharing programs using Division Technology.
    5. Users are not allowed to transmit material protected by trade secrets, or engage in any commercial, for-profit activities.
    6. Users will not knowingly participate in the distribution of chain mail, propagation of hoaxes, “spamming”, “phishing” or other Internet frauds and scams.
    7. Users will not use the school system to engage in any other illegal act defined by law.
  3. All use of technology is to be purposeful and directed. The use of technology must support the educational goals of the Division.
    1. Users will not access email, instant messaging; chat lines or discussion boards on the Lloydminster Public School Division Network, unless there is a demonstrated need in an educational context.
    2. Users will respect bandwidth issues that affect other users of the Division system. This includes but is not limited to, playing music or live radio over the internet, streaming movie trailers and music videos, and playing non-educational games over the Internet.
  4. All users will respect and maintain the security of the system.
    1. Users are not allowed to access accounts of other system users. Users who suspect unauthorized access to their accounts must inform a teacher or system administrator of the breech.
    2. Users will not provide their password to another person.
    3. Users will not attempt to bypass or gain unauthorized access to the Lloydminster Public School Division Network or to any other computer system through these networks, or go beyond their authorized access.
    4. Users will not attempt to change or modify in any way the setup of any computer in the school.
    5. Vandalism will be considered a serious offense and is defined as the malicious attempt to remove, harm or destroy property, including data, of another user. Acts of vandalism include, but are not limited to, the creation and/or wilful distribution of computer viruses, malware, or spyware and damage to or removal of any computer or other equipment.
    6. Any knowledge of security breaches, acts of vandalism or illegal activity by others must be reported immediately to the user’s supervisor (teacher, principal, superintendent, director) and Manager of Technology.
    7. Lost or stolen devices must be reported immediately to the user’s supervisor (teacher, principal, superintendent, director) and Manager of Technology. At that time the IT department will take necessary steps to ensure the security of data on the system. This may include, but not limited to tracking, wiping, and sending return messages to the system.
  5. Users are advised that all technology systems are Division property and may be inspected, monitored or modified at any time.
    1. Administration may monitor any and all use of technology by users to ensure that they are utilizing the system in an acceptable manner. Examples of monitoring may include accessing files stored on school computers and networks, and monitoring communications of users.
      1. Any material deemed to be unlawful, abusive, or otherwise in conflict with this Administrative Procedure may result in disciplinary action.
    2. All users are reminded that there is to be no expectation of privacy. Files and communications stored on school and Division computers and computer networks may be reviewed to maintain Administrative Procedure and system integrity.
    3. The Division makes no guarantee that the functions or the services provided by or through the Division system will be error-free or without defect. The Division will not be responsible for any damages suffered, including but not limited to loss or damage to data or equipment.
    4. The Division does not routinely monitor or screen electronic mail (email) or other electronic file storage. However, the Division has the right, consistent with this policy and applicable law, to access, review and release all electronic information that is transmitted over or stored in the Division’s systems or facilities, whether or not such information is private in nature, and therefore, confidentiality or privacy of electronic mail and electronic file storage cannot be guaranteed.
      1. Electronic mail and file storage is subject to The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (LAFOIP).
      2. Due to the nature of electronic mail and storage, the need for authorized staff to maintain electronic mail systems, the Division’s accountability as a public institution, situations involving the health or safety of people or property, violations of the Division’s codes of conduct, regulations, policies, or laws, other legal responsibilities or obligations of the Division, or the locating of information required for Division staff, designated staff of the Division’s Technology department may review and disclose the content of electronic file storage and/or electronic mail messages.
  6. Users who violate this Administrative Procedure are subject to disciplinary measures, including loss of user privileges.
    1. Students found in violation of this administrative procedure may be suspended or expelled as per the provisions of Board policy and the Education Act. Restitution for damages may also be imposed.
    2. The student and the parent or guardian of students who violate this Administrative Procedure will be provided with written notice of any suspension and will be provided an opportunity to present an explanation to the Principal, with consultation of the Manager of Technology if needed.
    3. Staff found in violation of this administrative procedure may be subject to disciplinary actions by the Board. Restitution for damages may also be imposed.
    4. The Division will cooperate fully with law enforcement officials in any investigation concerning to, or relating to any illegal activities conducted through the use of the Division’s systems.

Supporting Documents:

Form 140-1: Student Responsible Use
Form 140-2: Staff, Trustee and Community Member Responsible Use
Section 85, 87, 108, 109, Education Act , LAFOIP


July 2020