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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 371

Tuition for Concurrent Enrollment in Lakeland College


Many Lloydminster Public School Division students have completed the required credits for high school graduation before they complete their third year of high school.  Time exists within student timetables whereby they may access university transfer courses at Lakeland College in Lloydminster.  To that end, a Memorandum of Agreement has been reached between Lakeland College and the Lloydminster Public School Division to provide financial support and opportunity for students who wish to be concurrently enrolled in both institutions in their third year of high school.  This will provide an opportunity for students to earn university credits and prepare students for transition to the postsecondary learning environment.


  1. Students in grade 11 must declare their intent to the Principal, or designate, of their desire to enroll in university transfer courses at Lakeland College in grade 12.
  2. Students must meet the credit requirement for high school completion in the proposed registration for grade 12 to qualify for tuition support.
  3. The Principal must provide a recommendation for the student to register in up to a maximum of two (2) university transfer courses.
    1. Lloydminster Public School Division will be responsible for the tuition fees associated with the course enrollment.
    2. Students will be responsible for instructional materials and texts required by Lakeland College.
    3. Students will be responsible for their own transportation to and from Lakeland College.

Section 85, 87 The Education Act, 1995
Section 38 The School Division Administration Regulations

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