General Administration 182

Video Cameras on Buses


The Division believes the use of video cameras on school buses will enhance the safe operation of its school buses. Video cameras will enable school bus drivers to focus on the safe operation of the bus while improving student passenger identification procedures for disciplinary, medical emergency and other related purposes.


  1. Video Surveillance on Buses
    1. Division buses shall be equipped for video surveillance system.
    2. Placement of a video surveillance system on buses may be on a random basis at the discretion of the Division.
  2. Notice to Students and Parents
    1. Parents and students of the Division will be advised that bus passengers may be video taped. Each school year, every school shall provide this advice to parents in its first newsletter.
    2. Division buses will have clearly displayed a notice advising that the bus is equipped for the operation of a video surveillance system.
  3. Access to Video Surveillance Equipment
    1. The following persons shall have access to the video surveillance equipment:
      1. Bus Driver;
      2. Busing or Transportation Manager;
      3. School Administrators;
      4. Director; and
      5. Superintendent of Administration
  4. Storage of Recordings
    1. Recordings shall be removed from the bus at the end of each day and stored in a locked cabinet at the Division Maintenance Shop.
    2. Only those persons identified in Clause 3.1 shall have access to the cabinet used to store recordings.
    3. Recordings shall not be edited or selectively erased. Recordings are to be kept intact until erased in their entirety or destroyed.
  1. Viewing of Recordings:
    1. All recordings are the property of the Division and will not be made available for public viewing. Those eligible to view recordings shall include: staff of the Division, parents/guardians of the students involved or the students themselves. Among Division staff, only those employees with a direct involvement with the recorded contents of the specific videotape shall be permitted to view it.
    2. Any parent or legal guardian is entitled to view a recording that includes his or her child/children. Requests to view recording must be made in accordance with Section 6 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Viewing may be refused or limited where viewing would be an unreasonable invasion of a third party’s personal privacy, would give rise to a concern for a third party’s safety, or on any other ground recognized in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
    3. Viewing of recordings shall take place at the Division Office or at the school attended by the student for whom the viewing has been requested.
  2. Retention of Recordings
    1. Recordings shall be erased within 10 calendar days unless they are retained at the request of a Division staff member identified in Clause 5.1, or parent/student for documentation related to a specific incident, or as per Clause 6.3.
    2. Recordings retained under Clause 6.1 shall be erased as soon as the incident in question has been resolved.
    3. Where an incident raises a prospect of a legal claim against the Division, a copy of the recording shall be retained at the Division Office.
  3. Improper Use
    1. Video surveillance on buses is to be restricted to the uses indicated in this administrative procedure. The Division will not tolerate improper use of video surveillance and will take appropriate disciplinary or legal action in any case of wrongful use.


Section 85, 87, 108, 109, 196, Education Act

Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act


April 14, 2009


June 2009

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