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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 183

Transportation: Suspension of In-City Busing


The Lloydminster Public School Division believes that schools should remain open during extreme weather; however, in order to ensure the health and safety of students and school division personnel during periods of extreme weather conditions or other emergencies, a decision may be made to suspend the operations of school buses or direct schools to postpone outdoor activities. 


Student Transportation

  1. With the approval of the Director of Education, school bus service may be suspended or delayed by the Transportation Manager due to adverse weather, road conditions, or any other emergent situation.
  2. School bus service will be suspended when Environment Canada reports or forecasts a temperature of minus forty-five (-45) degrees Celsius (including wind chill) for 7:00 am the following day.
    1. The Transportation Manager, in consultation with the Director of Education or designate shall make a decision regarding school bus suspension by 4:00 pm, the previous day. 
    2. If buses are suspended in the am, they will not run in the pm.
  3. Suspension of school bus service may occur in any of the following circumstances:
    1. All routes, including Prekindergarten;
    2. A specific school; and,
    3. A route-by-route basis. 
  4. When regular school bus service has been suspended, the Transportation Manager will notify schools that all field trips, extra-curricular trips, and Prekindergarten busing shall be suspended for that day. Any exceptions to this must be approved by the Director of Education.
  5. When weather or road conditions deteriorate during the day, the Transportation Manager in consultation with the Director of Education may authorize individual or all buses to leave school prior to regular dismissal time. 
  6. A decision to suspend bus service shall be communicated to all bus drivers.  The Transportation Manager will share the information with the Communications Manager and all Principals.  Parents/Caregivers will be notified via Bus Status (bus app notification).  The Lloydminster Public School Division will share any bus suspension with local radio stations, on Lloydminster Public School Division's social media channels and through Edsby. 
  7. The Principal, staff, and school bus operators shall take steps to ensure students arrive home safely when they are dismissed earlier than normal.  This includes attempts to contact parents/caregivers and emergency contacts to ensure students have adequate access to residences. 
  8. All daily route school bus drivers are to hold themselves in readiness for service on short notice during cases of pending extreme conditions.

School Operation

  1. When the temperature (Environment Canada), including wind chill, is -25 C or colder, staff and students shall remain indoors for recess and outdoor activities.
  2. In the event of smoke or poor air quality, the Principal shall monitor the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) on the PurpleAir Real-Time Air Quality Map (Map Link).  The AQHI, in conjunction with the Air Quality Guide for Schools (Appendix 183), will guide their planning for outdoor activities.
    1. Rescheduling extra-curricular activities can pose significant logistical challenges, particularly when outdoor venues and special personnel, such as officials, are involved.
    2. When considering how air quality will impact extra-curricular events, schools are encouraged to work with division personnel to determine an appropriate course of action.
    3. If an outdoor extra-curricular event will take place during a period of poor air quality and the event is easy to postpone or adapt by moving indoors, the school may do this without consultation.
    4. If a planned field trip or outdoor education experience is taking place during a period of poor air quality, schools should postpone, cancel or adapt their plans if possible.
  3. The Principal may also restrict outdoor activities at any time conditions make it prudent to do so, such as rain, thunderstorms, high winds, heat and icy conditions.

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