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Student Safety and Supervision


The safety of students must be assured through supervision of students in all school facilities and grounds and during school activities. The Director expects the Principal to plan student supervision for the school day and all school-related activities. The Director expects staff to develop procedures and practices which enhances the safety of students and recognizes the differences of individual students in terms of their safety and supervision needs.

The Director expects staff to ensure students wear appropriate gear when they take part in an activity that presents hazardous risks. The Director further expects the observation of safe practices on the part of school personnel and students, particularly in those areas of instruction or curricular or extracurricular activities that offer special hazards.

The Director expects that safety instruction will precede student use of materials and equipment in units of study where there is an obvious safety concern through using either those particular materials or equipment.



  1. School doors shall be opened at least 15 minutes prior to the the first bell or upon arrival of the first bus.
  2. School supervision of students shall begin at least 15 minutes prior to the first bell or upon the arrival of the first bus, whichever comes first.
  3. The Principal shall allocate recess, before-school opening, and bus-loading supervision to staff on an equitable basis. This is to take into consideration other school related activities in which staff are involved.
  4. The Principal of each school will submit a plan for noon supervision which will take into account the number of students staying at noon, the school plant, the noon program and the number of staff. This plan must be acceptable to the Director or designate, who will attempt to ensure equitable treatment for the persons involved and consistency within the system with respect to the quality of supervision.
    1. Compensation rates for teachers and non-teachers, respectively, shall be set by the Board for noon hour supervisors.
    2. Payments will be made at intervals determined by the Division.
  5. Supervision schedules must be posted. Posting is not to be only in offices and staff rooms but also in places so that students can easily determine who is on duty.


Section 85, 108, 109, 175, 193, 196, 231 Education Act


June 2009

December 2017