Personnel and Employee Relations 444

Absence Due to COVID - Support Staff


The Lloydminster Public School Division is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all its employees and will take any meaningful and practical steps necessary to achieve and promote this commitment.   


  1. Public Health Order
    1. All employees will follow the directives outlined in the most recent Health Order available at Saskatchewan HealthLine .  A medical health officer refers to a public health officer designated as such under the Public Health Act, 1994.  Family doctors and other medical personnel are not medical health officers and do not have the authority and cannot order mandatory self-isolation.
    2. Any documentation required by the division may be provided via:
      1. Paper copy; 
      2. Electronic copy; 
      3. Screenshot of information or message; 
      4. Copy of an email; 
      5. Written details of phone call including date, time, Public Health official spoken to, and details of information provided.
      6. If the documentation provided by the employee is not clear the division may require further details or confirmation of the documentation.
    3. If an employee is showing signs or symptoms related to COVID-19 the employee will not report to work. 
      1. The employee will enter their absence in PowerSchool as a Sick Leave. 
      2. The employee will contact HealthLine 811 for guidance.
      3. The employee will contact their direct supervisor.
      4. If the direction from HealthLine 811 is to stay home and monitor symptoms or report to testing, all absences will then be entered as Self-Isolation Leave.
    4. If an employee is directed by Public Health to stay home due to being a close contact of someone with COVID-19, the employee will:
      1. Contact their direct supervisor
      2. All absences will be entered as Self-Isolation Leave
    1. In the event that an employee wishes to be home with an immediate family member who has been directed by Public Health to self-isolate, the employee will be required to access Special COVID Leave
      1. The employee will be required to use all available and applicable leave options in the Support Staff Salary and Benefit Guide prior to accessing this leave in PowerSchool (i.e.: Family Medical/Illness Days, Personal Days, etc.)
      2. If all above leaves are exhausted, the employee may apply to Human Resources for Special COVID Leave.    
      3. Leaves will be granted with pay less the sub rate for all employees.
    1. Employees can apply to the Director via the Support Staff Salary and Benefit Guide Special Leave 2.3 for any leave not covered above.  
  4. COVID-19 Vaccination
    1. The Lloydminster Public School Division strongly encourages all employees eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccination do so at the time permitted by the Saskatchewan COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Strategy.
    2. Effective March 18, 2021, amendments to the The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, 2021 (section 6-22.1, Special Vaccination Leave) establishes that during the pandemic, workers are entitled to a one time leave of up to three consecutive hours to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.
    3. Employees are asked to schedule COVID-19 vaccination appointment times outside of scheduled work hours to the best of their ability.  Should time away from work be required, employees are expected to:
      1. Contact their Administrator/ Manager to discuss the time required away from the workplace in order to ensure operational considerations are met.
      2. Replacement needs will be determined by the Administrator/ Manager.
      3. Enter the absence into PowerSchool selecting “Special Leave 2.3” leave for the time required to be away, up to three (3) hours.  The employee is required to indicate in the comment section “COVID-19 Vaccine” of the leave request. Special Leave is used to ensure no loss of benefits (sick leave) occurs.
      4. Any employee requiring more than three (3) hours away from work shall discuss the needs with their Administrator/ Manager and receive prior approval from Human Resources.