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Hockey Academy

Interested in Hockey Academy?

Contact hockey.academy@lpsd.ca for more information!

We believe sport drives a passion for learning and leading. The LPSD Hockey Academy offers a program that allows students to learn through sport. Students’ maximum performance levels are realized through deliberate practice and effort to create balance in developing competence and character for academics and athletics.

LPSD Hockey Academy is proud to be a PEP academy. What does PEP mean in hockey? Power Edge Pro Hockey (PEP) is Hockey Alberta's official skill development partner. Power Edge Pro is an on-ice player development system utilizing propriety equipment and training patterns.


LPSD Hockey Academy Program applications open for the following school year in early spring.  The program will offer two on-ice weekly sessions to develop athletics, academics, and character. 

The program has been an important part of LPSD's offerings for the last ten years. Helping students engage in their schoolwork while pursuing athletic goals is a proven model that we are proud to offer within our division. The current economic situation in our community does affect our program moving forward, and we would like to help out as much as possible.

The annual tuition fee for Hockey Academy is $1200.  A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required once a student is accepted into the academy.


For further information, please call (780) 875-5541.

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Online Application

The Application for 2024-25 has closed.  To inquire about registration and/or waitlist, please call 780-875-5541 or email hockey.academy@lpsd.ca.

Adam Huxley - On-ice Consultant

Adam Huxley has played 10 years of professional hockey playing in the AHL, ECHL with various organizations. Adam also has 10 years of experience coaching, training, and developing young hockey players on and off the ice. Adam has helped several players reach their goals of playing Junior A, Major Junior, and NCAA hockey. Adam runs his own off-ice strength and conditioning training center HHC (Huxley Hockey and Conditioning) in the off-season located in Wainwright AB.


Academy Teachers:

Shawn Coulter

Jeff Mazzei

Cassidy McEwen

The tuition is $1200.00 ($125 payable over 8 months).

Applications open Monday, March 1, 2024.  A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required once your application has been accepted. We anticipate a full Hockey Academy Program, be sure to apply soon.

The Hockey Academy program is offered at Rendell Park Elementary School for Grades 4-5 students, at Bishop Lloyd and E.S. Laird Middle School for Grades 6-8 students, and at LCHS for Grade 9 students. College Park School offers it for Grades 4-8 students. Programming at College Park School is only available to students living within that school's existing attendance boundaries.

LPSD Hockey Academy enables students to pursue academic excellence, while striving to reach their full potential within hockey and athletics. Certified teachers accompany and support the learning of all students, who benefit from a low student-to-teacher ratio. Other benefits include:

  • The LPSD Hockey Academy includes on ice training.
  • Certified Teachers accompany and support the learning of all student groups who participate in the Academy.
  • Time for the Academy will replace instructional time typically received for physical education and health. Curricular outcomes in health are covered through various Academy activities.

Program content

  • Students will be exposed to all curricular outcomes in Physical Education and Health through various Academy activities.
  • Certified teachers, along with Academy staff will plan, instruct, and assess students on the required outcomes.

On Ice

The on ice portion focuses on skill development. By using knowledgeable instructors and innovative teaching techniques, students are guaranteed to improve their on ice skills. 

  • Individual Technical Hockey Skills: These are the base or core of every hockey player and include shooting, passing, stick handling and skating.
  • Private Training: Players and parents get to pick the skills that need improvement. An individual program will be made for each player.
  • Tactical Game Skills: Taking the individual technical skills and applying them to a game environment, which includes puck protection, scoring goals, two-on-one play, defending, creating space and hockey IQ.
  • Tactical Skating: Also referred to as skating with a purpose, players will be taught how to take individual skating skills and apply them in specific game situations.
  • Goaltending Development: This program includes contracting an expert to work in conjunction with the other staff to execute this program. Students will be coached in movement mechanics, crease work, rebound control and more.

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  • Transportation to Academy schools is only provided to families residing in the traditional bussing zone for the Academy school. Students not residing in the bussing zone will need to have parent transportation to school. For more information about bussing, please visit https://www.lpsd.ca/lpsd-administration/transportation.
  • Transportation is provided for students from the Academy school to the Academy venue. At the end of each Academy day, students are dismissed to parents from the Academy venue.