Policy 1



Ensuring personal excellence for all students


LPSD has a shared commitment with parents and community in preparing students to be inspired learners and productive citizens.


In LPSD, all individuals will model:

      • A commitment to CARE for themselves and others
      • RESPECT for themselves, others, authority, property and the environment.
      • A commitment to CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT
      • EXCELLENCE in all they do
      • LEADERSHIP in making positive choices
      • ACCOUNTABILITY for their choices and actions
      • COLLABORATIVE relationships

Our Belief Statements

      • We believe all students can achieve personal excellence given sufficient time and the right supports.
      • We believe high expectations and early and ongoing interventions are essential.
      • We believe all staff can perform to high standards given the right assistance.
      • We believe all staff can articulate what they do and why they perform the way they do.

Priority Areas

  1. Reading, Writing & Math Achievement
  2. Early Years Education
  3. Graduation Rates
  4. Achievement of First Nations and Metis Students
  5. Student & Staff Wellness



Legal Reference: Section 85, 87 Education Act 

Adopted: June 2007

Amended: October 23, 2019