Policy 4


The Board believes its members are advocates for children and youth, whose first and greatest concern is the best interests of students within the Division.

When each trustee commits to high ethical standards, it is easier for the Board to fulfill its obligation and discharge its duties. Therefore, in carrying out his/her role, the Board expects each member to adhere to the following Code of Ethics, based on the Code of Ethics developed by Saskatchewan School Boards Association:

As a trustee:

1. I will be motivated by an earnest desire to serve my Division to the best of my ability to meet the educational needs of all students.

2. I will recognize that the expenditure of school funds is a public trust, and I will endeavor to see that the funds are expended efficiently in the best interests of students.

3. I will not use my position for personal advantage or to the advantage of any other individual apart from the total interest of the Division, and I will resist outside pressure to so use my position.

4. I will act with integrity, and do everything possible to maintain the dignity of the office of a trustee.

5. I will carry out my duties objectively, and I will consider all information and opinions presented to the Board in making my decisions, without bias.

6. I will work with other trustees in a spirit of respect, openness, cooperation and proper decorum, in spite of differences of opinion that arise during debate.

7. I will accept that authority rests with the Board and that I have no individual authority outside the Board, and I will abide by the majority decisions of the Board once they are made, but I shall be free to repeat the opinion that I upheld when the decision was made without undermining the decision of the Board.

8. I will express my contrary opinion respectfully and honestly, and without making disparaging remarks, in or outside Board meetings, about other trustees or their opinions.

9. I will communicate, and conduct my relationship with staff, the community, other school boards and the media in a manner that focuses on facts.

10. I will not divulge confidential information, which I obtain in my capacity as a trustee.

11. I will endeavor to participate in trustee development opportunities to enhance my ability to fulfill my obligations as a trustee.

12. I will not conduct myself in a manner, which is intended to be to the detriment of another school board.

13. I will support the value of public education, and will endeavor to participate, and encourage my Board to participate, in activities that support or promote public education in Saskatchewan.

14. I will declare any conflict of interest between my personal life and my position on the Board and abstain from discussion and voting when appropriate.

15. I will observe rules of order, the policies of the Division, and the laws and regulations governing public education in Saskatchewan.


Legal Reference: Section 68, 69, 70 Education Act

Adopted: June 2007

Reviewed: January 9, 2013