Policy 8


The Board may establish committees to assist with its work. Committees may be standing or ad hoc in nature.


At its annual organizational meeting, the Board shall establish such standing committees, as it deems necessary.


Each Committee will be charged to develop its own Terms of Reference and to bring the proposed Terms of Reference to the Board for approval


At the first meeting of each committee following the organizational meeting, each committee will review and confirm the respective terms of reference.


At any duly constituted meeting, the Board may establish standing or ad hoc committees, and initial terms of reference for each.


Subsequent to the establishment of committees, the Board Chair will nominate trustees to standing and ad hoc committees. Trustees nominated may accept the nomination. On the date of the next regular meeting following the organizational meeting, the Board Chair will call for further nominations. Appointment of members to committees will be by majority vote of the Board.


Committee Chairs will be selected by the committee members unless specified by Board motion.


All committees of the Board, unless otherwise directed, shall prepare and submit a report to the Board. It is expected that reports will be included in the agenda package.


  1. Standing Committees

Standing committees are established to assist the Board with work of an on-going or recurring nature.


1.1 Communications & Public Advocacy Committee


1.1.1 Purpose - Communications


To identify and implement activities and materials, which will raise among the several “publics” in Lloydminster, awareness of the range and quality of services available through our school.

Annually review the LPSD Communications Plan.

Provide guidance and advice to Administration regarding the Board’s annual Long-Service Awards & Holiday banquet.


1.1.2 Purpose - Public Advocacy


To discuss or negotiate at a political level with trustees from Northwest School Division, the Buffalo Trail Regional Division, the Lloydminster Roman Catholic Separate School Division, or the Council of the City of Lloydminster issues of mutual interest (e.g. Tuition Fees, services for non-resident students, taxation matters, etc…)


Meet Regularly with MLA’s and other Elected Officials


1.1.3 Membership


  • Three trustees
  • Director of Education
  • Other individuals as required


1.2 Negotiating Committee (LINC & Support Staff)


1.2.1 Purpose - LINC


To negotiate a collective agreement related to working conditions and certain benefits which apply to S.T.F. members.

Meet annually with LINC negotiating committee to review agreement and items identified in MOU if applicable

1.2.2 - Purpose - Support Staff

To discuss with the Support Staff Standing Committee issues of mutual interest related to wages, benefits and working conditions.  This committee will also make recommendations to the Board regarding these issues.


1.2.3 Membership


  • Three trustees
  • Director of Education
  • Superintendent of Education responsible for Human Resources
  • Superintendent of Administration (LINC)


1.3 School Facilities Committee


1.3.1 Purpose

To review and recommend to the Board priorities for facilities improvements


1.5.2 Membership


  • Three trustees
  • Director of Education
  • Superintendent of Administration
  • Facilities Manager


1.4 Finance Committee


1.4.1 Purpose


Assist the Board in fulfilling its fiscal accountability requirements under section 8 of Board Policy 2

Oversee annual external audit function

Oversee the preparation of the annual operating and capital budgets, and receive the quarterly fiscal accountability reports

Direct and review internal audit function as it deems necessary

Review and provide input and advice on any proposed changes to accounting policies


1.4.2 Membership


  • Two trustees
    • At least one member should have extensive financial management expertise
  • Board Chair
  • Director of Education
  • Superintendent of Administration

1.5 Student Discipline Review Committee


1.5.1 Purpose


To  review suspensions that have been referred to the Board for review.


Participate in discipline hearings when required


Make recommendations at the completion of the hearing as per The Education Act (1995).


1.5.2 Membership


  • Board Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • One Trustee


  1. Ad Hoc Committees


Ad hoc committees are established to assist the Board on a specific project for a specific period of time. The terms of reference for each ad hoc committee will be established at the time of formation.


  1. Resource Personnel


The Director of Education may appoint resource personnel to work with committees, and shall determine the roles, responsibilities, and reporting requirements of the resource personnel.


Legal Reference: Section 85 - The Education Act (1995); Section 41 - The School Division Administration Regulations.

Adopted: June 2007

Amended: October 25, 2017