Policy 11



The Board authorizes the Director to do any act or thing or exercise any power that the Board may do, or is required to do, or may exercise, except those matters which, in accordance with provincial legislation, cannot be delegated. This delegation of authority to the Director specifically:

  • Includes any authority or responsibility set out in The Education Act, 1995 and related regulations as well as authority or responsibility set out in other applicable legislation or regulations;
  • Includes the ability to enact Administrative Procedures, regulations or practices required to carry out this authority; and also
  • Includes the ability to sub-delegate this authority and responsibility as required.

Notwithstanding the above, the Board reserves to itself the authority to make decisions on specific matters requiring Board approval. This reserved authority of the Board is set out in Board policies, as amended from time to time.

Further, the Board requires that any new provincial, regional or local obligations must be initially brought to the Board for discussion, and determination of decision-making authority.


  1. The Director is directed to develop an Administrative Procedure to fulfill Board obligations created by any federal, provincial or local legislation which are not covered through Board policy.
  2. The Board authorizes the payment of accounts for expenditures incurred within the approved budget and in accordance with Board Policy and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.


Legal Reference: Section 85, Education Act

Adopted: June 2007

Reviewed: January 31, 2018