Policy 12


The Director is the Chief Executive Officer of the Board and of the Division. The Director reports directly to the corporate Board, and is accountable to the Board for the conduct and operation of the Division. All Board authority delegated to the staff of the Division is delegated through the Director.

Specific areas of responsibility are:

1. Student Welfare

1.1 Ensures that each student is provided with a safe and caring environment that fosters and maintains respectful and responsible behaviors.

1.2 Ensures the safety and welfare of students while participating in school programs or while being transported to or from school programs on transportation provided by the Division.

1.3 Ensures the facilities adequately accommodate Division students.

1.4 Acts as, or designates, the attendance counsellor(s) for the Division.

2. Educational Leadership

2.1 Provides leadership in all matters relating to education in the Division.

2.2 Ensures students in the Division have the opportunity to meet the standards of education set by the Minister.

2.3 Implements education policies established by the Minister and the Board.

3. Fiscal Responsibility

3.1 Ensures the fiscal management of the Division by the Superintendent of Administration is in accordance with the terms or conditions of any funding received by the Board under the Education Act or any other applicable Act or regulation.

3.2 Ensures the Division operates in a fiscally responsible manner, including adherence to recognized accounting procedures.

4. Personnel Management

4.1 Has overall authority and responsibility for all personnel-related issues, except the development of mandates for collective bargaining and those personnel matters precluded by legislation, collective agreements or Board policy.

4.2 Monitors and improves the performance of all staff.

4.3 Annually recommends to the board out of scope compensation which reflects fair market compensation and a compression factor not less than 10% between the salary for the director and next highest paid employee.

5. Policy/Procedures

5.1 Provides leadership in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of Board policies and administrative procedures.

6. Director/Board Relations

6.1 Establishes and maintains positive, professional working relations with the Board.

6.2 Respects and honors the Board’s role and responsibilities, and facilitates the implementation of that role as defined in Board policy.

6.3 Provides the information which the Board requires to perform its role.

7. Continuous Improvement Planning & Reporting

7.1 Leads the Continuous Improvement Planning process including the development of Division goals, budget, facilities and transportation plans and implements plans as approved.

7.2 Involves the Board appropriately (Board approval of process and timelines; opportunity for Board establishment of strategic priorities and key results early in the process; final Board approval).

7.3 Reports regularly on results achieved.

8. Organizational Management

8.1 Demonstrates effective organization skills resulting in Division compliance with all legal, Ministerial and Board mandates and timelines.

8.2 Reports to the Minister with respect to matters identified in and required by the Education Act.

9. Communications & Community Relations

9.1 Takes appropriate actions to ensure open, transparent, positive external and internal communications are developed and maintained.

9.2 Keeps the Board informed through provision of appropriate monitoring reports.

9.3 Ensures parents have a high level of satisfaction with the services provided and the responsiveness of the Division.

9.4 Participates actively in community affairs in order to enhance and support the Division’s mission.

9.5 Acts as, or designates, the Head of the organization for the purposes of the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Privacy (LAFOIP) Act.

10. Leadership Practices 10.1 Practices leadership in a manner that is viewed positively and has the support of those with whom (s)he works most directly in carrying out the directives of the Board and the Minister.

10.2 Develops and maintains positive and effective relations with provincial and regional government departments and agencies.


Legal Reference: Section 108, 109, 159, Education Act

Adopted: June 2007

Amended: February 13, 2013