Policy 15


The Board, in its efforts to provide meaningful learning experiences that reflect what is best for students and to assist students in developing their full potential, recognizes that it needs to maintain viable schools and classrooms within the context of the entire Division.

In order to ensure quality education for its students, the Board may, from time to time, review operations of its schools and consider discontinuing one (1) or more grades or programs offered in a school; or closing schools.

  1.  The Board believes in an open and transparent process for evaluating the viability of a grade or program offered at a school or the operation of a school.  As such, the Board will endeavor to consult with the School Community Council of the affected school(s), and seek out their consent prior to passing a motion to discontinue a grade or close a school.
  2.  Notwithstanding item one, the Board may, in accordance with Part 10, Division 1 of The School Division Administration Regulations pass a motion requesting the Director of Education to perform a School Review in accordance with Section 55 of the regulations.
  3.  The Board expects that the Director of Education will follow the process outlined in the regulations regarding School Closure or Grade Discontinuance when performing this review.
  4.  As per Section 58 of the regulations, the Board reserves the right to add additional review criteria that it deems appropriate and necessary at the time of passing the motion to conduct the School Review.
  5.  In addition to the Director’s report, the Board shall invite written briefs from interested groups or individuals.
  6.  Upon receipt and study of all reports and briefs, the Board shall make its decision and announce it publicly.

Legal Reference: Section 85, 87, 347 The Education Act, 1995, Part 10, Division 1, The School Division Administration Regulations
Adopted: June 2007
Reviewed: October 2018