Policy 16


The Board believes that the recruitment and selection of Division personnel is a shared responsibility between the Board and the Director.

The Board further believes strong central leadership and administration at the Division level is essential to the effective and efficient operation of the school system.


1. The Board, in the case of the Director, or the Director or designate, in all other instances, will assume the sole responsibility for initiating the advertising process and will make every reasonable effort to ensure that all current Division employees are made aware of staff vacancies.

2. The Board has the sole authority to recruit and select an individual for the position of Director.

3. The following process will be followed for the Deputy Director, Assistant Director and the Superintendent (Human Resources, Curriculum and Instruction, Student Services and Administration) positions:

3.1 The Director shall be responsible for the creation of a short list of candidates for the positions.
3.2 The Board and the Director shall constitute the selection committee.
3.3 The selection committee will attempt to achieve consensus. In the event this is not possible, the successful candidate must be supported by a clear majority of the selection committee. The Director must be one of the votes in the majority.
3.4 These positions shall have a role description and the person occupying the position shall have a written continuous contract of employment.

4. The Director is delegated full authority to recruit and select staff for all central office positions other than those outlined above.

5. The Director is delegated full authority to recruit and select staff for all school-based positions, including those of Principal and Vice-Principal.

6. All vacant administrative positions must be advertised and filled through an open competition.

7. In the event of an unexpected or short-term vacancy, the Director may appoint an “acting Principal” or “acting Vice-Principal” without going through a formal selection

process. The position, if still vacant, must be advertised prior to the commencement of the subsequent school year.

9. All offers of employment shall be conditional on the successful applicant providing a criminal record check that is acceptable to the Director or designate. Additionally, the Director or designate may require documentation certifying that the candidate is medically fit for the position.


Legal Reference: Section 85, 87, 108, 109, 110, Education Act
Adopted: June 2007
Amended: April 10, 2013