Policy 17


The Board believes that parental and community involvement is essential to successfully promote and achieve the goals of education. Under the direction of the Principal, each school will establish a School Community Council to develop shared responsibility for learning success and well-being of children and youth; to encourage and facilitate parent and community engagement in school planning and improvement processes, and establish effective communication among the home, school and community.


1. The Director or designate will be responsible to:

1.1 Establish a constitution consistent for all schools within the Division.
1.2 Ensure that each school establishes a School Community Council by October 30 of each school year.
1.3 Provide adequate resources to establish School Community Councils.
1.4 Provide central office support to facilitate the annual fall elections of School Community Councils.
1.5 Monitor each school to ensure that schools operate within the regulations and guidelines established by Saskatchewan Learning and the Division.
1.6 Communicate regularly with School Community Council executives.

2. Principals are responsible to provide leadership to:

2.1 Communicate to parents and community members details about the establishment of School Community Councils.
2.2 Establish a date for the School Community Council Executive election to occur prior to October 30.
2.3 Ensure that guidelines established in the constitution are adhered to.

3. School Community Councils shall have the following as their primary purposes:

3.1 To serve as an advisory group to the Principal and school community.
3.2 Provide input for establishing guidelines for fundraising activities, school fees and Student Codes of Conduct within the limitations of Board policy and administrative procedures.
3.3 Under the leadership of the Principal develop and approve an annual school improvement plan that is aligned with the Division’s priorities and Continuous Improvement Plan.
3.4 To stimulate by appropriate means participation by parents and the community generally in the improvement of educational services in the school.

3.5 To participate in planning and monitoring processes related to the school improvement plan.

3.6 To make recommendations to the Principal to ensure the best possible education for the students in the school.
3.7 To recommend to the Director proposals that may be considered for the improvement of the educational standards and opportunities in the Division.

4. Following are some basic assumptions and guidelines regarding effective School Community Councils:

4.1 The Principal is the key person in facilitating the work of Councils.
4.2 Council programs are to vary in format to encourage the participation of its membership, e.g. small group, large group.
4.3 Most parents are primarily concerned with issues and decisions that relate directly to students’ programs at the school level.
4.4 Leadership in-service activities will be made available to members of the School Community Councils.
4.5 The membership of Councils requires feedback on what has happened to their recommendations and proposals.
4.6 Principals are to encourage staff to be aware of the need to be receptive to parents who wish to influence decision-making at the school.
4.7 Principals shall initiate activities at the school level designed to promote communication between the school and the home, and the school and the community.
4.8 Some methods the Principal may use to promote communication are:
4.8.1 Adult volunteers
4.8.2 News bulletins and newsletters
4.8.3 Parent-teacher conferences
4.8.4 School visitations
4.8.5 School displays
4.8.6 School handbooks
4.9 The Director will develop a model for a School Community Council constitution which describes the purposes, structure, and relationships between the Council and the Principal, and the Council and the Board.
4.10 The Director will implement a systematic plan of leadership in-service to assist School Community Councils as required.
4.11 In order to facilitate communication with the Board, the following will occur:
4.11.1 The names of trustees will be forwarded to every School Community Council in the Division.

4.11.2 The Director will inform the School Community Council that individual trustees would be pleased to attend Council meetings. When a Council desires a trustee to attend a meeting, the request is to be made to the Director or Board Chair.
4.11.3 The Director will announce Board meeting dates through the media and encourage Principals to inform the parents and community through newsletters.
4.12 The delegation process at regular or special Board meetings provides opportunities for individuals or groups to address the Board and for the Board to receive items of interest from its constituents.

5. From time to time School Community Councils may choose to fund raise for projects at their schools. The Board believes that the partnership with the School Community Council is an asset for students, staff and community. It also believes that it is the Board’s responsibility to meet the basic expectations for resources, materials and equipment required to meet the educational needs of students. To that end the following criteria have been established to guide school based fund raising projects sponsored by School Community Councils.

5.1 Fund raising projects that aim to provide basic supplies, materials or equipment will not be permitted.
5.2 Projects that involve ongoing maintenance and support by Division personnel will require prior approval by the Director of Education.
5.3 Projects that involve either Building Code or CSA standards require prior approval from the Director of Education.
5.4 Fund raising projects should not result in accumulated funds carried forward from year to year unless the funds are for a planned multi year project.
5.5 Projects that enhance extracurricular activities, guest performances, special activities for students beyond current standards, or equipment beyond the standard inventory, will be supported.
5.6 The Director will provide an annual report to the Board on the fundraising projects undertaken by the School Community Councils.


Legal Reference: Section 140.1, 140.2, 140.3, 140.4, 140.5 Education Act
Adopted: November 2008
Amended: April 10, 2013