Policy 19



  • The Board believes that Avery School (LEAP) – 6051103 will provide an outreach program and education to students for whom traditional school settings are unsuitable. The primary goal of Avery School (LEAP) – 6051103 is to assist students to obtain a high school diploma or equivalent in an alternative setting.
  • Guidelines


  • Avery School (LEAP) – 6051103 will serve the needs of students aged 12-19 years who are enrolled in grade 7-12.
  • Programs will focus on those students who are unable to attend or benefit from a regular school program. These students may include at-risk students, dropouts, teenage parents, students with unique medical or health challenges, working students and others with unique needs or learning styles.
  • When determining eligibility, the best interests of the individual student will be the deciding factor.
  • Students may enroll in a partial program at Avery School (LEAP) – 6051103 while maintaining enrolment in other courses at their local high school.


  • Attendance exceptions at Avery School (LEAP) – 6051103 will vary depending on the needs and circumstances of each student. These expectations are set out in the individual student’s plan or contract.


  • Avery School (LEAP) – 6051103 will follow the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education curriculum and may include locally developed junior high and/or senior high courses.
  • The program will provide students with enhanced educational services that are in addition to distance learning courses and materials. Examples of theses services include: personal and career counselling, conflict resolution, time management, anger management training and study skills.
  • Individual programs will be based on an assessment of individual student needs and created in consultation with the student and his/her parents.

Administrative Procedure

  • Students, in consultation with professional staff, will have the primary responsibility to develop and implement their own individual program.
  • Avery School (LEAP) – 6051103 will provide the equivalent of 25 hours of access to a certificated teacher for each credit offered.

Performance and Evaluation

  • Students are expected to meet standards of performance consistent with those established by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education.
  • The pace of student learning will be set by each individual student in consultation with professional staff.
  • Performance goals will be established by the student in consultation with professional staff, consistent with the student’s determined potential.
  • Students will be evaluated on a regular basis using appropriate evaluation approaches as well as through achievement tests and diploma examinations, when appropriate.
  • If a student is not experiencing success at Avery School (LEAP) – 6051103, his/her program will be reviewed and modified, or other program options will be explored.


  • Responsibility for administration of Avery School (LEAP) – 6051103 will rest with the designated principal.
  • All policies, guidelines and procedures of Lloydminster Public School Division will be adhered to.
  • Staff of Avery School (LEAP) – 6051103 will work closely with external support agencies to help serve the needs of Outreach students.


Adopted: February 25 2009
Reviewed: April 10, 2013
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