Policy 2

Appendix: Board Development Plan 2021-2022

2021-2022 Board Development Plan


The Lloydminster Public School Division operates with a Policy Governance Framework.  As part of the framework, the Board is committed to developing an annual plan to help guide the Board’s development activities for the year.  The Board Development Plan is to be reviewed and renewed on an annual basis.


The primary purpose and benefit to developing a Board Development Plan is to align Board development activities with the Board’s Strategic Plan and the Board Advocacy Plan.


The Board of Education reviews the Board Development Plan during the August and September meeting of the Board.  Feedback collected during these meetings leads to an annual renewal of the Board Development Plan based on priorities and needs.  The Board Development plan will be bought back for review by the Board during the January meeting of the Board of Education.

Board Development Focus for 2020-2021:

For 2021-2022 the Board of Education has chosen to focus on the following three priorities:

  1. To have trustees look for opportunities to develop their innate Strengths and skills which support their function as trustees on the Board and committees of the Board.
  2. To have trustees embrace what it means for LPSD to become a school division that embraces Diversity, Equity and Inclusive practices:
    • Host a Board/Admin Retreat to explore the above terms and action a plan for becoming a school division built on these foundational principles.
  3. To have the Board and Administration strategically choose to attend/participate in conferences or virtual sessions that promote or potentially enhance the long-term priorities of the Board.