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About Us

The Lloydminster Public School division is a complex organization in that it is both a Saskatchewan and Alberta school division. The division follows the Saskatchewan curriculum set out by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, while also receiving funding from Alberta Education to support a number of student learning and facility initiatives. This comprehensive environment creates an opportunity for the Division to simultaneously assemble the best from two provinces.

Our school division has five elementary schools, one Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 9 school, two middle schools, one high school and one outreach school. All of our schools offer students a well-rounded education based on curricula provided by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education. Students who attend our schools not only receive excellent curricular instruction, but also benefit from extensive co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities.



Division Values

• Respect for authority, property and the environment
• Respect for diversity
• Care for themselves and others
• Continuous improvement
• Excellence in all they do
• Leadership in making positive choices
• Accountability for choices and actions
• Collaborative relationships


Contact Us

Superintendent of Education

Scott Wouters: (780) 808-2538


Manager of Human Resources

Jennifer Bodnarchuk: (780) 808-2520


Human Resources Fundamentals



Frequently Asked Questions


Who do I contact if I have a question about my employment contract?
We encourage staff to contact the Human Resources department if they have a specific question about their employment contract or status.  

How do I request a Record of Teaching Experience?
Staff can contact Elaine Behm, Payroll Coordinator at or (780) 875-5541 to request their Record of Teaching Experience. Make sure to provide information on where and to whom it should be sent to (i.e.: school division and contact name).

Where can I find the Collective Agreements?
Staff can find both the L.I.N.C. and Support Staff Salary and Benefit Guide on the SRB Dashboard, as well as on the LPSD website under the Human Resources section at

Who do I contact if I am hurt while on the job?
Make sure to let your immediate supervisor know of your injury so that they can administer the correct first aid if necessary.  Your next step is to contact the Human Resources Coordinator so that the proper WCB forms can be completed and submitted promptly, for those staff members that are covered. Please note that teaching staff are not typically covered, and are required to contact the STF for further guidance.

What forms are required if away on sick/medical leave for more than 5 days?
For staff that are away due to illness, surgery, recover, etc, for more than 5 consecutive days, we require that they submit a Verification of Sickness form to the HR Department.  This form must be completed by the employee’s physician and are requested to be returned promptly.  Staff can find these forms on their respective Dashboards or on the LPSD website under the Human Resources section at


2015-16 Retirees and Service Award Winners